Freskim is a premium brand

that relies on the manufacture and export of a plethora of tea and coffee premixes and vending machines to its dealers and its clientele.

Developed by Samarth India Exporters, the brand relies on trusted sources for its creations while ensuring a streamlined process for serving them through high- quality vending machines.

Leveraging the magical aroma of tea and the caffeinated brilliance of coffee, Freskim introduces unadulterated premixes that maintain the homemade taste for both beverages that connect with the Indian milieu, intrinsically, in all their flavours.

Since 2005.

Blends of Brilliance

Presenting 5 immaculate flavours in tea – Plain Tea, Masala Tea, Ginger Tea, Lemongrass Tea, and Cardamom Tea the company has simplified the process of making a good cup of “Chai” easier than ever! Also, you can slurp down a good cuppa coffee without having to worry about the perfect blend you would prefer.

Freskim presents 2 premixes ensuring that you get your regular caffeine hit, right in the sweet spot, with its hot and cold coffee blends. Furthermore, the brand has introduced Different type of Iced Tea, Cold Coffee, Cold Coco, Nimbupani (Lemon Water) and Hot Chocolate as part of its repertoire.

Drink with Delight

Freskim delivers single serving sachets of premixes for tea and coffee ensuring that your mornings and evenings are fresh, your senses are sharp and focused right afterslurpingthesemagicalpotions. Allyouhavetodoisaddhotwaterandempty the sachets. These are easy to carry while travelling, and particularly useful in swanky hotels, small offices, and similar places.

Additionally, the company offers bulk packaging of 1kg each that can be used in vending machines that we provide to institutions, large offices, catering agencies, etc.

The bulk packaging is available in premium and classic versions.